Pitot tube is an accessory that allows to perform measurement of the flow velocity of the gas stream. The measurement is performed indirectly – Pitot tube is connected to analyser’s differential pressure sensor. Analyser recalculates the differential pressure on the Pitot tube’s outlets to velocity.


  • Helps to perform measurement of the gas stream flow velocity - indirectly, by providing to the analyser the values of static and total pressures in the duct, that are recalculated to velocity by the analyser’s firmware.
  • Made of stainless steel 316L
  • Working temperature up to 600°C
  • Two different lengths available: 500mm and 800mm
  • Equipped with 2m silicone hoses to connect with all types of madur analysers (to connect with analyser’s differential pressure fittings)
  • For the stationary measurements, Pitot tube can be equipped with the ANSI flange 4" holder (optional equipment)

Tech specs

General parameters
Dimensions: nominal length | outer diameter 500mm or 800mm | 6mm
Coefficient K 1.0015 ± 0.01
Tube material Stainless steel 316L
Operating temperature range 0 ÷ 600°C
Accuracy Better than 1%, for a ±10° alignment to the gas stream
Connecting hoses: material | ID | OD | length silicone rubber | 4mm | 8mm | 2000mm
Adapter for 3mm fittings: material | ID | OD | length stainless steel / silicone rubber | 3mm | 7mm | 80mm

Chimney adapter
Dimensions Φ228mm x 54mm
Weight 1.55kg
Flange ANSI 4" or metric DN100 (EN1092)
Mounting holes 4 holes for ANSI 4” (placed on 7.5” circle) and 4 holes for DN100 (placed on 170mm circle)

Velocity calculation formula
Formula used for calculation of linear velocity of the gas stream based on the dynamic pressure measured with Pitot tube:

K - coefficient characteristic to a particular Pitot tube type
T - absolute gas temperature in the channel in [K]
PDYN - dynamic pressure measured with Pitot tube in [Pa]
P0 - atmospheric pressure (absolute) prevailing in the gas channel [Pa]


Drawing #1
Pitot tube dimensions
Drawing #2
Pitot tube connecting hoses
Drawing #3
Hose adapter for ø3mm fittings
Drawing #4
Pitot tube chimney adapter, fits ANSI 4” flange or EN1092 100mm flange