Terms of delivery and shipment costs

We sell our products at prices that do not include transport nor insurance costs of goods in transit – our apparatus are delivered based on the EXW Incoterms® 2010 Zgierz. The customer chooses the carrier, arranges the transport and bears its costs. According to EX Works our role and responsibility ends when the goods are picked up by the courier.

By customer's request, we can undertake the organization of the transport on his behalf. We are able to select the best and cheapest carrier to the best of our knowledge and experience. The transport purchased from carrier companies is re-invoiced – added to the invoice for the goods.
The transport and, if necessary insurance costs, are estimated prior shipment and the customer is informed about them along with the order confirmation.
We do not gain profit from the re-invoicing transport and we use our experience to choose the optimal carriers. In these cases (when we organise the transport) we deliver on Incoterms® 2010:

  • CPT xxx (xxx – place indicated by the buyer) – transport without insurance (Carriage Paid To)
  • CIP xxx (xxx – place indicated by the buyer) – transport and insurance (Carriage and Insurance Paid to)


In general, we are able to recommend the best courier with whom we cooperate. Customer may appoint his own carrier. We try not to change the carriers appointed for a particular customer, unless it is demanded by customer or we are offered much better payment conditions – in this case we inform our client about the change in advance.

Transport insurance

By default, we do not offer additional insurance for packages due to the high price, unless the customer wishes otherwise. Analysers are ALWAYS packed in double cartons (analyser – polysteryne filler – cardboard box – polysteryne filler – cardboard box). This type of packaging provides adequate security for transported goods.

Risk in transport

For the delivery terms Incoterms® 2010, EXW Zgierz, and CPT and CIP (place indicated by the client), the risk of transportation is borne by the client since the goods are collected from our company.

Direct delivery to end user

For the convenience of our dealer we can deliver goods directly to end user. In this situation the end user must remember to check the condition of parcel (in case of any damage, in the presence of the courier. If the verification of package condition is neglected, madur company does not take responsibility for any potential damage to the transported goods. Direct deliveries to consignees from countries different than country of orderer is not possible.

Package damaged in transportation

Despite all of our precautions, unfortunately, there are (rare) cases of damages of packages in transit. Regardless of whether the shipment was insured or not, please proceed as indicated below. If the damage of package is visible (i.e., the goods inside the package are damaged, and the damage to the transport box is visible, or the packaging is not affected but it seems unoriginal – lack of address labels or madur sealing tape replaced with ordinary (grey / brown) adhesive tape please:

  • unpack the parcel in the presence of a representative of the shipping company (courier)
  • check the compliance of the contents of packages with the information in the delivery note, and the condition of the goods
  • if any irregularity or damage are found, demand to make a damage protocol from the courier and document damages with photographs attached to the protocol
  • immediately inform madur about the situation
If the damage was not noticeable from the outside and had a hidden character, (e.g. teared internal components without visible damage to the housing) please:

  • dismantle the damaged device and make detailed photographic documentation of the damage
  • immediately inform madur about the situation, include description of all the damages