New end user

If the end user from any country turns with the order directly to the madur headquarters, he will be redirected to his local dealer.

If there is no local dealer in the clients country, we will offer the client a purchase directly from our headquarters. It is very easy for countries in the European Union, and only slightly more difficult in the case of other countries.

Purchases without a dealer

How does the purchase procedure look like in case of end customers from the countries where we have a dealer?

By default we direct the customer to the appropriate dealer. However, since we also sell to end users directly from our headquarters (e.g. to the countries where we do not have a local dealer), we can not refuse anyone the right for direct purchase. Therefore, the sale without the dealers involved is possible. The price lists adequate in this case are RTP-USD price lists (prices for end users given in euro currency). Please note that transportation costs will be added to the invoice. Dealer territorially competent is informed about such transaction and will receive the suitable commission. He is required to support the client with guarantee and post guarantee service, in the same way as all of his other clients.