Professional flue gas analyser that combines high quality of sample conditioning with great measurement accuracy contained in a compact soft casing. Analyser is equipped with heated hose with heated filter, built-in high efficient condensation dryer. It can be fitted with up to 9 sensors (electrochemical cells and NDIR sensors). Has built-in pressure sensor, large internal memory for results and built-in ribbon printer for standard (non-thermal) paper.



  • Equipped with up to 7 electrochemical cells
  • Equipped with up to 2 NDIR sensors
  • Built-in 58mm ribbon, graphic printer
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of operation
  • Built-in Peltier dryer with peristaltic pump for condensate removal
  • Equipped with heated hose with built-in heated gas filter
  • Heated hose with standard M30x1 fitting, fits all madur gas probes with K-type thermocouples
  • Additional gas filter with condensate trap
  • Differential pressure sensor - for measurements of chimney draft and flow velocity (with help of Pitot tube)
  • Soot measurement program
  • Measurements of gas and ambient temperatures, optionally 2 additional inputs for temperature sensors
  • Analogue outputs (4-20mA / 0-10V) - optional
  • Built-in large memory for results, two formats of data savings
  • Calculations of many additional parameters
  • Firmware for gas calibrations

Tech specs

General Parematers
Dimensions (W x H x D) 470 x 310 x 160mm
Weight 12.0÷12.8kg
Casing material Aluminium padded with foam and fabric (polyester)
Operating conditions T: 10°C ÷ 50°C, RH: 5% ÷ 90% (non-condensing)
Storing temperature 0°C ÷ +55°C
Power supply: Input | maximal power consumption 115VAC or 230VAC | 90W (without heated hose)
Battery: type | work time | charging time Lead-acid, rechargeable 12V / 2.2Ah | 7h | 14h
Data memory: size | number of results 32kB | 30 reports + 10 banks (1024 sets of data)
Display Graphical LCD 128 x 128, with variable contrast and backlighting
Printer High-speed dot matrix, graphic printer for 57mm normal paper
Analogue outputs (optional) Two current (0/4÷20mA) or voltage (0÷10V) outputs
Gas pump | gas flow Diaphragm, max 2l/min (with automatic flow control) | 90l/h (1.5l/min)
Purging pump for CO sensor Diaphragm, max 1.5l/min
Communication interface with PC computer RS-232C
Gas filtering
  • Heated filter included in the heated hose
  • Built-in final filter (behind the gas dryer) with replaceable insert

Built-in gas dryer, heated hose driver, heated hose
Drying method Water condensation by rapid cooling down
Cooler type Based on Peltier element
Cooler temperature +5°C electronically stabilised
Cooler temperature hysteresis ~ 1°C
Maximum gas flow for efficient drying 100l/h
Condensate pump Peristaltic, 38ml/min.
Heated hose temperature +120°C electronically stabilised
Heated hose temperature hysteresis ~ 5°C
Heated hose length 3m (optionally 5m or 10m)
Heated hose power consumption 360W (max)
Heated hose thermocouple wires K-type (S-type optionally)

Measurements of gas components
O2 – (EC) 20.95%
O2 – (EC, PP) 20.95%, 25%, 100%
CO – (EC) 20 000ppm, 10%
CO – (EC, H2 comp) 2000ppm
CO – (NDIR) 10%, 100%
CO2 – (NDIR) 25%, 50%, 100%
CxHy – (NDIR) 5%, 25%, 100%
NO – (EC) 5000ppm
NO2 – (EC) 1000ppm
SO2 – (EC) 5000ppm
H2S – (EC) 1000ppm
H2 – (EC) 2000ppm, 20 000ppm
NH3 – (EC) 1000ppm
CL2 - (EC) 250ppm
HCl - (EC) 50ppm

EC - Electrochemical sensor
PP - Partial pressure
NDIR - Non dispersive infrared sensor

Other measurements / calculated results
Method Range
Tgas – gas temperature K-type thermocouple -10 ÷ 1000°C | 0.1°C
S-type thermocouple -10 ÷ 1500°C | 0.1°C
Tamb – gas temperature PT500 resistive sensor -10 ÷ 100°C | 0.1°C
PT500 resistive sensor
T1 & T3 – external temperature K-type thermocouple -10 ÷ 1000°C | 0.1°C
S-type thermocouple -10 ÷ 1500°C | 0.1°C
T2 & T4 – external temperature PT500 resistive sensor -10 ÷ 100°C | 0.1°C
Differential pressure Silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor -25hPa ÷ +25hPa | 10Pa (0.01hPa)
Gas flow velocity Indirect, with Pitot tube & pressure sensor 1 ÷ 50m/s | 0.1m/s
Lambda λ – excess air number Calculated 1 ÷ 10 | 0.01
qA – stack loss Calculated 0 ÷ 100% | 0.1%
Eta η – combustion efficiency Calculated 0 ÷ 120% | 0.1%
U1÷U2 – external analogue input (voltage) Delta-sigma ADC -20V ÷ +20V | 0.01V
I1÷I2 – external analogue input (current) Delta-sigma ADC -20mA ÷ +20mA | 0.01mA


Drawing #1
Sensonic 4500 filter can be fitted with inserts of different diameters: Insert of 15mm inside diameter is fitted with help of filter insert guide. For 12mm insert, the guide must be removed, and insert is installed directly in the filters's head.
Drawing #2
Condensate container of Sensonic 4500 gas analyser
Drawing #3
“Probe” connector, Binder 693 series, 7-pin female (512O0710A)
Drawing #4
Heated hose magnetic fitting (male part)
Drawing #5
Pressure sensor fitting - quick coupler, male part (615A0203A)
Drawing #6
“Temp1” & “2” connectors, Binder 712 series, 3-pin female (512M0310C)
Drawing #7
“RS-232C” connector, Binder 712 series, 4-pin female (512M0410C)
Drawing #8
“U/I1” & “U/I2” connectors, Binder 712 series, 5-pin female (512M0510C)
Drawing #9
Analyser’s dimensions


Analyser’s standard equipment supplied along with the device
  • 3m mains cable (type of plug to be selected)
  • Heated hose of selected length and supply voltage with heated filter and carrying bag
  • Single gas filter with condensation trap and filter insert (pore size 5µm)
  • Condensation container
  • 2.5m RS-232C communication cable with DB9 female connector
  • Software CD with programs and manuals
  • Quick coupler for the pressure sensor fittings (2pc.)

Supplemental equipment - ordered separately, but essential to work with the analyser
Heated hose
Gas probe pipe

Optional equipment
Ambient temperature sensor
Pitot tube
Soot test adapter
RS-232C to USB converter
Bluetooth communication module