Among other things, madur analysers can measure temperatures (gas, ambient). Such measurements are performed with suitable sensors:
  • Gas temperature is measured with thermocouple installed in the gas probe (probe pipe + probe holder or heated hose)
  • Ambient temperature is measured by sensors installed in the analyser’s casing or probe handle (depended on the device).
When more accurate measurement of ambient temperature is required then external temperature sensors are considered.


Ambient air temperature (or rather boiler’s intake air temperature) is a parameter used for calculation of many combustion parameters. It is used to determine e.g. stack loss, combustion efficiency, etc. When high accuracy of calculation of such parameters is required, then the basic ambient sensors (usually installed inside the gas probe plug) are insufficient. External temperature sensors with a 3m cable can be installed near the inlet point, or even inside of it, providing the best accuracy of temperature measurement.

Three types of temperature sensors are available:
  • PT500 sensor for the hand-held devices.
  • PT500 sensor for bigger portable and stationary analysers.
  • Digital probe for temperature and relative humidity (RH) measurements.
PT500 temperature sensors can be additionally equipped with appropriate holders. There are two options possible:
  1. magnetic holder that can be attached to the metal parts of the boiler
  2. cone holder, that allows to immerse the temperature sensor in the boiler's inlet, directly in the air stream.

Tech specs

A. PT500 temperature sensor for Sensonic 1400
Type of sensor PT500, 2-wires
Length of cable 3000mm
Sensor tip material Stainless steel insulation
Immersion depth 70mm
Diameter of sensor tip 4mm
Operating temperature (sensor tip) -50°C ÷ +180°C
Operating temperature (cable) -50°C ÷ +120°C
Storing temperature -50°C ÷ +60°C
Time constant (T90) ~10s (in water)
Accuracy class (according to EN0751) B
Electric plug type 5-pin, male, Binder 719 series or equivalent

B. PT500 temperature sensor for other devices (Sensonic: 4000, 4500, 6000, IR-1)
Length of cable 300mm (short version); 3000mm (long versions)
Electric plug type 3-pin, male, Binder 712 series or equivalent

C. RH and ambient temperature probe for Sensonic 1400
Type of sensor SH11 digital sensor
Length of cable 1500mm
Material of sensor tip Aluminium with PVDF cap
Length of probe's tip 244mm
Diameter of probe's tip 10mm
Electric plug type 5-pin, male, Binder 719 series or equivalent
Measurement range -40°C ÷ 120°C | 0÷100RH
Resolution 0.01°C | 0.1 RH


Drawing #1
PT500 temperature sensor - A version (Z12-SENS-TEMP)
Drawing #2
PT500 temperature sensor - B version (ZCMS-SENS-TEMP)
Drawing #3
PT500 temperature sensor - B version (ZCMS-SENS-TEMP)
Drawing #4
5-pin male plug 719 series (513N7195C)
Drawing #5
3-pin male plug 712 series (513M0300C)
Drawing #6
Magnetic holder for PT500 temperature sensor (Z14-MAGN-PT500)
Drawing #7
Fastening cone for PT500 temperature sensor (Z14-CONE-PT500)