madur rich offer of gas analysers is supplemented by sensors for single gases. Sensors are available in OEM form - perfect solution as a suplement for customer’s larger installation. Measurement results are there available as analogue (voltage / current) signal. Sensors are also available in standalone version, with housing, display, data-logger. Ideal when measurement of only one gas component is required, and when measurement environment does not force to use gas conditioner. The second division of sensors concerns measurement method. madur offers NDIR and electrochemical single gas sensors.


  • available for gases: CO2, CH4, CO, N2O, CHF3 (R23 cooling agent), acetone
  • 2x analogue outputs - one current (0mA ÷ 20mA or 4mA ÷ 20mA) and one voltage (0V ÷ 5V or 0V ÷ 10V)
  • RS-232C interface for communication with PC computer
  • powerful PC program for administrating sensor
  • housing made of ABS
  • 4.5 digit display
  • data-logger with SD card for results collection
  • miniature diaphragm pump
  • miniature solenoid valve for automatic ventilation and zeroing
  • aluminium chassis for sensor and its equipment
  • modular construction - each aforesaid piece of equipment may be selected independently

NDIR sensor unit
LCD display 4 1/2 digit
Miniature gas filter
Data-logger module with SD card
Solenoid valve for automatic ventilation
Software & documents CD (not in scale)
Membrane gas pump
OEM sensor
RS232C cable
Hydrophobic filter
OEM sensor and its equipment installed on aluminium chassis (two sizes of chassis)
NDIR sensor in standalone verison - installed in ABS housing (two sizes of housing)

Tech specs

General parameters - OEM version
Dimensions (H x W x D) 55mm x 120mm ÷ 224mm x 70mm
Weight 60g ÷ 300g
Storing temperature 0°C ÷ 60°C
Operating conditions T: 10°C ÷ 50°C, RH: 5% ÷ 90% (non-condensing)
Power supply: input | maximal power consumption 13V ÷ 30V DC or 12V ÷ 24V AC | 15W
Chassis's material Aluminium, powder coated
Communication interface with PC computer RS-232C
Analogue outputs: current | voltage 0/4mA ÷ 20mA | 0V ÷ 10V
Ventilation valve (optional): type | maximal pressure 2-way | 2bar

General parameters - Box version (short)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 80mm x 120mm x 80mm
Weight 150g ÷ 450g
Casing's, material ABS
Display 4.5 digit
Gas pump (optional) Diaphragm, max 0.6l/min. ÷ 0.9l/min.
Data-logger (optional): type | size | number of results SD flash card | max 4GB | practically unlimited

General parameters - Box version (long)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 80mm x 240mm x 80mm
Weight 200g ÷ 500g


Drawing #1
PCB dimensions
Drawing #2
Sensor’s base (short)
Drawing #3
Sensor’s base (long)
Drawing #4
Sensor’s enclosure (short)
Drawing #5
Mounting holes layout
Drawing #6
Sensor’s enclosure (long)
Drawing #7
Mounting holes layout
Drawing #8
Hydrophobic filter 1µm (614Z0009A)
Drawing #9
RS-232C connector, Binder 712 series, 4-pin female (512M0410C)
Drawing #10
Gas fitting (615A0900A)